Ema, A Nanny Goat on the Farm

Ema is our female goat. She is the wife of Billy the Goat. Female goats are often referred to as does or nannies, and they play a significant role in farming and agriculture for their milk, meat, and fiber.

Ema is pregnant. The gestation time for goats is about 150 days, or in other words, about 5 months. She will give birth soon to a baby goat, which is called a kid. Nannies usually seek a quiet and secluded place to give birth.

Ema, A Nanny Goat

After giving birth, nannies immediately start cleaning and licking their kids. This serves to remove the birth membranes, stimulate blood circulation, and encourage the kid to start breathing. The grooming process also helps the nanny bond with her offspring.

Nannies form strong bonds with their kids. They recognize each other by scent and vocalizations. This bond is crucial for the kid's sense of security and well-being.

One of the most important ways nannies care for their kids is by providing them with milk. Mother's milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies that help the kid grow and develop a strong immune system. 

Nannies are protective of their kids and will keep a close eye on them, especially during the early days of life. They may lead their kids to safe areas, warn them of potential dangers, and use their own bodies to shield them if needed.

Nannies play a role in teaching their kids important behaviors, such as foraging for food and interacting with other members of the herd. Kids learn by observing and imitating their mothers. Nannies provide a sense of security for their kids, often encouraging them to rest and sleep in a sheltered area. Nannies may select safe spots for their kids to rest, away from potential predators.