Fisherman's Prayer & Best Days to Fish

 A fisherman's prayer is that everyday is the best time to fish, but the Famer's Almanac believes otherwise. What days does the farmer almanac believe are the best days for fishing?

Farmer's Almanac Best Fishing Days

If you want to know which are the best days to fish according to the Farmer's Almanac, click here 

Farmer's Almanac Best Days to Fish.

Fishing can be a very relaxing pastime. I think we spend most of our time fishing hoping and praying that we catch a fish. In case you are like us, I think you may enjoy this prayer poem.

Fisherman's Prayer

This excerpt is from this charming book:

 You can buy this book from Amazon. Gone Fishing

If you like fishing, you can fish in our pond during your stay. Our pond is stocked with perch and catfish. Even though our pond is a catch and release operation, it still is fun to fish. Catch and release is a practice within recreational fishing intended as a technique of conservation. After capture, the fish are unhooked and returned to the water before experiencing serious exhaustion or injury. Using barbless hooks, it is often possible to release the fish without removing it from the water.

You can bring your own fishing equipment or you can rent 2 fishing poles and a tackle box from us for $20 for your whole stay.

Come out and visit us on the farm, where you will feel inspired and connected to nature!