Spring Arrives!

 Spring arrives, and nature wakes,

With vibrant hues and sweet scents it takes,

The trees, once bare, now come alive,

With blooming branches, they thrive.

Peach Blossoms around the Farm

Peach blossoms, pink and white,

In the gentle breeze, they dance in delight,

Magnolias, with their petals so grand,

A stunning sight across the land.

Dogwoods, redbuds, and plum trees,

Bursting with blossoms, as far as one sees,

Their beauty, a symbol of new beginnings,

As winter's hold, at last, is loosening.

Redbud Blossoms Around the Farm

So let us celebrate this season of rebirth,

And cherish the beauty that fills the earth,

For spring blooming trees, a reminder to us all,

That after darkness, there's always a chance for a new call.

Redbud Tree in Full Bloom