New Piglets on the Farm!

As the sun rises over our farmstay, the sound of squealing piglets can be heard. These little bundles of joy have recently joined our farm family, and they are bringing new life and energy to the property.

There is something special about the arrival of new piglets on a farm. They represent the future of the farm, and are a reminder of the cycle of life and growth. These little creatures are not only adorable but also important for the sustainability of our farm.

At our farmstay, we raise red wattle and Hampshire cross breed pigs, which are known for their excellent meat quality and their ability to thrive in outdoor settings. We believe in ethical and sustainable farming practices, and our pigs are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

New Piglets on Gomez Family Farm

Watching the piglets grow and develop is a joyous experience. At first, they are tiny and fragile, unable to walk or see clearly. But within a few days, they start to explore their surroundings, wobbling around on unsteady legs and making playful squeaks. As they grow, they become more active and curious, and they start to interact with their littermates and their environment.

In a few months, the piglets will be ready for market. We sell our pork directly to customers who value high-quality, ethically raised meat. Our customers appreciate the taste and nutritional benefits of our pork, as well as the knowledge that they are supporting sustainable and humane farming practices.

As a farmer, it is always a thrill to welcome new piglets to the farm. They remind us of the joy and wonder of life, and they inspire us to continue our commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices. I look forward to watching these little ones grow into healthy and happy adult pigs, and to sharing their delicious meat with our customers.