Catfish Pond on Gomez Farm Creek

Back in April we restocked the pond with catfish.  Although we allow fishing in our pond, it is catch and release only at this point.  We are trying to get our fish population to where they are sustainable without us having to restock the pond. A self-sustaining catfish pond refers to a pond or aquaculture system where catfish can thrive and reproduce without the need for external inputs or excessive human intervention. The term "self-sustaining" implies that the pond can support the growth and reproduction of catfish while maintaining a stable ecosystem and minimizing the reliance on external resources. In a self-sustaining catfish pond, the primary goal is to create a balanced and ecologically sound environment where catfish can find their food, reproduce naturally, and maintain a healthy population.

We went out to check on them recently. Here is a short video of them eating. 

We hope that when you are visiting our farm that you have a chance to come out to the pond. We also have a couple of boats that you can take out on the pond. We hope to see you soon around the farm!