Picking Peas

Picking peas from the garden can be a delightful and rewarding experience. We are near the end of our pea picking time here on the farm. Here are some of the simple joys that come with this activity:

1. Connection with Nature: When you step into the garden to pick peas, you immerse yourself in the natural environment. The fresh air, the sounds of birds chirping, and the gentle breeze can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

2. Engaging the Senses: As you reach for each pea pod, you can feel the texture of the plant, the smoothness of the leaves, and the slight resistance of the vines. The vibrant green color of the pea pods and the earthy smell of the garden enrich your sensory experience.

3. Anticipation: Watching the pea pods grow and mature over time builds a sense of anticipation. When you finally see plump pods ready for harvest, there's a feeling of excitement and satisfaction. Each pod holds the promise of sweet, tender peas waiting to be discovered.

4. Hands-On Experience: Picking peas involves getting your hands dirty, quite literally. Feeling the pods between your fingers, gently twisting them off the vine, and snapping them open to reveal the hidden treasures within gives you a direct connection to the food you're about to enjoy.

5. Freshness and Flavor: Peas are best enjoyed when freshly picked. By harvesting them from your own garden, you have the opportunity to taste the true freshness of the peas. Their sweet and crisp flavor is unparalleled, and it's a joy to savor every bite.

Picking Peas at Gomez Family Farm

6. Engaging with Food Production: Picking peas from your garden allows you to actively participate in the process of growing your own food. It offers a sense of fulfillment and self-sufficiency, knowing that you played a role in producing the nourishment on your plate.

7. Mindful and Relaxing: Picking peas can be a meditative experience. As you focus on the task at hand, you can let go of other distractions and simply be present in the moment. It's an opportunity to slow down, practice mindfulness, and find tranquility in the act of tending to your plants.

8. Sharing and Bonding: The abundance of freshly picked peas can be shared with family, friends, and neighbors. Whether you cook them as a side dish, add them to salads, or preserve them for later use, sharing your harvest creates a sense of community and strengthens relationships.

The simple act of picking peas from the garden can bring immense joy, reconnecting us with nature, providing fresh and delicious food, and offering a peaceful and fulfilling experience.

When the peas are completely done, we will pull them out and give them to the pigs. We will also be freezing peas for us to eat in the winter. We will then put in another vegetable crop to grow in its place.