Gomez Farm Creek

 Below is a video of the waterfall of Gomez Farm Creek. This creek flows from our farm and continues until it reaches Lake Palestine.

Meandering creeks, they twist and turn,

Through winding paths, they gently churn,

Their gentle flow, a soothing sound,

As they meander all around.

Their banks are lined with verdant green,

And water ripples in the sheen,

Of sunlight that breaks through the trees,

And dances on the gentle breeze.

As the creek winds its way downstream,

It takes with it a peaceful dream,

Of tranquil days and restful nights,

And all of nature's pure delights.

So let us sit beside the creek,

And let its peaceful waters speak,

To soothe our souls and ease our minds,

And leave our cares and worries behind.

Gomez Farm Creek stocked with Catfish